Training & Development

At House of Mason Jobs we are able to offer three types of training and development depending on your business or individual needs.

Sarah Spencer of The Mindful Gap leads the following programmes designed to develop individual talent and self-awareness.

Mentor Academy – (Invitation only)
Sarah provides a journey of self-discovery and an insight into how to decode talent. She believes that with this knowledge the relationship between mentor and mentee is enhanced as both are armed with a unique ability to decode how we think about what we do.  With this insight development can be rapidly achieved. During the program there will be opportunities to model some outstanding talent both inside and outside of the industry, a time to think without limitation and inspire breakthrough thinking.

Personal Discovery
It empowers us. Uncovers strengths we never knew we had. Sets us challenges we never knew we could meet. And provides a toolbox that enables us to better achieve our potential. It’s like waking in the morning with a set of 3D glasses on: we see things we’ve never seen before, we experience life in a new way and we discover choices that allow us to explore possibilities that we never knew existed.

Team Discovery
Rudyard Kipling once wrote: ‘The strength of the pack is the wolf. The strength of the wolf is the pack.’ And it remains true to this day. It is individuals that make teams, and good teams can make their members stronger and more effective. That effectiveness can be improved when teams hold a shared purpose, work to a set of values that are relevant and resonant to them, and have access to behavior and thought processes that enable them to work without limitation.

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