A proven approach – with a personal touch

Yes, House of Mason Jobs can give you a level of knowledge and expertise that’s unrivalled in the fashion industry, but we offer something extra – a genuine enthusiasm for the industry and a personal approach, with a knack of building close working relationships with our clients. We have an unquenchable appetite for helping people, fashion, sports and wellbeing brands to be the very best they can be.

Our people

jane-mason2Jane Mason

Founder Jane Mason has been working with and recruiting for some of the world’s most prestigious global brands for the last 22 years. Coming from a family that’s always worked in the industry, brands have always been in her blood.

Jane’s knowledge of the industry was further enhanced on a worldwide scale when she spent five years in Asia managing global accounts for brands and retailers, alongside advising a number of international businesses on how teams should be structured.

One of Jane’s main strengths is to spot people’s potential and get the best out of people by engaging with them personally and commercially.

Now specialising in retail and consumer businesses, spanning fashion, lifestyle, wellbeing, and sports across the UK and International territories – Jane has the flexibility to provide bespoke recruitment solutions tailored to the needs of your business.


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